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Key stage 2 education at Ancient House

Children with ingredients in the Ancient House kitchen

Please note: please contact us if you cannot find a suitable day. We will do our best to accommodate you. We are also happy to discuss with you how you would like us to tailor activities to support your needs.

For more information, enquiries and bookings please contact Melissa Hawker, Learning Officer by emailing or call 01842 752599.

Stone Age and Jomon Age: A Comparative Study Between Norfolk and Japan 

Full day £6 per pupil

Discover the amazing link between Neolithic Norfolk and Jomon Nagawa. In both place during the stone age people were mining and knapping stone. Pupils will get hands on with Stone Age flint artefacts from Grimes Graves, a Neolithic flint mine, learn about mining techniques and rituals and discover parallels with a Japanese obsidian mine.

LGBTQ+ Workshops 

Full day £6 per pupil

Discover the LGBTQ+ linked stories and objects in the Ancient House collection and learn about significant symbols to the LGBTQ+ community. Discover the story of Princess Catherine and her lover, Lina Schafer, Justin Fashanu the first openly gay footballer and William Pitt the Younger, the youngest British Prime Minister.

Dr Minns: Britain's First Black Mayor 

Full day £6 per pupil

Discover the amazing story of Dr Minns, the first black mayor in Britain who was mayor of Thetford. Meet costumed characters to find out about his life, his work as doctor at Thetford workhouse and

Tudor Times

Full day, £5 per pupil

Learn what life was like for rich and poor Tudors. Meet a beggar and a rich merchant preparing for the festivities. Try your hand at Tudor cooking, see a Tudor feast, enjoy a Tudor dance and handle real Tudor objects.

Thetford in the First World War 

Full day £6 per pupil

Discover what life was like in Thetford during the First World War. Meet a Tommy home on leave, a munitions girl working at the local Charles Burrell Works, learn a proclamation from Thetford female Town Crier and discover the secret of the brand-new tanks being tested nearby. Discover what Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, founder of Ancient House did during the war.

Archaeology Day

Full day, £5 per pupil

Become an archaeologist for a day! Find out why rubbish can be history by exploring

our Archae-bin to learn about chronology, explore the archaeology in our well and work out what will become the archaeology of the future!

Awe-ful Archaeology 

Full day £6 per pupil

Pupils investigate a recreation of a burial site. They explore the finds and skeleton in the burial site and use deduction to work information about the age and era of the burial site. This event can link to Roman, Anglo-Saxon or Viking projects.

Seeking the Maharajah 

Full day £6 per pupil

Discover the story of Norfolk's 'Black Prince' and find out how Duleep Singh is remembered in Thetford today. Learn about his early life in the Punjab and his friendship with Queen Victoria. Try your hand at Indian cookery and find out about his Sikh faith.

Romans and Iceni 

Full day £6 per pupil

Find out about the Roman invasion. Meet a Roman solider and an Iceni warrior - whose side will you take? Handle real objects from the past and use archaeological techniques to find out about Roman pottery and the famous Thetford Treasure.

Romans Teachers' Pack

Invaders and Settlers 

Full day £6 per pupil

Find out about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Thetford. Handle real objects from the past, make your own Anglo-Saxon pot and try your hand at Viking weaving. Will you be able to solve Anglo-Saxon riddles?

Victorian Life at Home and at Work 

Full day £6 per pupil

Join the Newton family to find out about Victorian life. Help Mrs. Newton with the washing in our Victorian kitchen. Handle real objects from the past and find out about life as a Rabbit Warrener with Mr. Newton.

Victorian costume

Thetford in the Second World War 

Full day £6 per pupil

Join our costumed characters to find out what life was like on the Home Front. Try your hand at building a Morrison shelter and sample some rationed food cooked on our coal fired range.

Thetford's Real Dad's Army

Full day, £5 per pupil

Embark on a mission to keep Churchill's secret papers away from Nazi eyes! Meet the Home Guard, handle real objects from WWII, make your own piece of Thetford Pulpware and keep an eye out for enemy parachutes!

Thetford's Campaigning Tom Paine 

Full day £6 per pupil

Learn about Thetford's revolutionary son, Tom Paine. Find out about his early life as a stay maker and his adventures in the French and American Revolutions. Consider his legacy today. How should he be remembered?

Thetford's Campaigning Princesses: Votes for Women 

Full day £6 per pupil

Find about Princess Sophia and Princess Catherine, daughters of Maharajah Duleep Singh and their campaign to get Votes for Women.